Your next steps with Ranexa: Talking to your cardiologist about your chronic angina

It is important to describe how you are feeling and how angina affects you. Talking about your angina lets your cardiologist and other members of your healthcare team know about how you are doing. Be as honest as you can because this can help your cardiologist give you the best care possible.

Tell your cardiologist about all medical conditions you have and about all of the medicines you take, including prescription and non‐prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Ranexa may affect the way other medicines work and other medicines may affect how Ranexa works.

Questions to ask your cardiologist

Questions to ask your cardiologist
about angina and Ranexa

  • How should I take Ranexa?
  • What should I expect while on Ranexa?
  • How long will it take Ranexa to work?
  • How will I know if Ranexa is working?
  • How long will I need to take Ranexa?

Join My Ranexa Connect and receive a Doctor Discussion Guide to help you talk to your cardiologist. My Ranexa Connect is a free support program to help you take control and stay on course with Ranexa as part of your angina treatment plan. To access your Doctor Discussion Guide, join today.

Click here to read the Important Safety Information about Ranexa.

Next steps to help reach your goal

Help reach your goal
with these next steps
  • Make a follow-up appointment with your doctor if you haven't done so already.
  • Fill out the My Ranexa Connect Progress Journal and take it with you to your follow-up appointment. This is available to you when you sign up for My Ranexa Connect.
  • If your angina does not improve while you are taking Ranexa, talk to your doctor about possible changes to your treatment.
  • If you need help paying for Ranexa, visit Ranexa Connect® for information, support, and options to meet your own personal needs.

What is Ranexa?

Ranexa is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with angina that keeps coming back (chronic angina). Ranexa may be used with other medicines that are used for heart problems and blood pressure control.


Who should not take Ranexa?

Do not take Ranexa if:

What are the possible side effects of Ranexa?

What else do I need to know about taking Ranexa?

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1‐800‐FDA‐1088.

Please see full Prescribing Information including Patient Information for Ranexa (ranolazine).