Discover motivational resources and support

My Ranexa Connect® is a free program created to give patients and caregivers encouraging materials to use while on their treatment journey. Everything from a guide on the importance of having an open dialogue with your doctor, to a worksheet to track treatment goals and more.

Resources you may download from My Ranexa Connect:

  • Patient Brochure, a reference for all things Ranexa, including a Progress checklist to monitor your treatment
  • Doctor Discussion Guide to start the conversation at your next appointment
  • Progress Journal for keeping track of your goals and achievements
  • Newsletters and emails to continue learning about Ranexa and chronic angina

Enroll yourself or a loved one. Visit to sign up and you’ll start receiving helpful emails, newsletters and more.

Looking for treatment savings?

For those who qualify, Ranexa Connect offers valuable savings options to use toward your treatment.

See if you may be eligible to save today with Ranexa Connect. Terms and conditions apply. For more details, go here.

Learn about chronic angina

Chronic angina is a disease that needs to be managed over time. Angina may be a symptom of a heart problem called coronary heart disease. Get additional information about what causes angina, its symptoms and how it may affect you.

Learn more about the impact of chronic angina.

Information Safety Information

Who should not take Ranexa?

Do not take Ranexa if: